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Nike Winter Xdream 2015


Nike Winter Xdream is an adventure rogaine. The object of the competition is to score points within the time limit by finding checkpoints located on the competition terrain. The value of the checkpoints varies, depending on the difficulty-distance from the event centre, from 2 to 5 points. Checkpoints (CP) may be visited in any order (score orienteering). 3-member teams can freely choose whether they use running, skiing, biking or other means of moving to complete the course. The goal is to take all checkpoints/collect maximum points. The team has 4 hours to complete the course (11:00:00-15:00:00). Late returns are penalised by deducting points. The team with the greater score, or an equal number of points the team which finished earlier, shall be awarded the higher placing.

Three-member teams compete in three categories:
1. Men
2. Mixed
3. Women

Prizes are awarded to the three best teams in each category. The prize fund of the race is 2000 EUR.

Sunday, 22 February 2015
Competition centre is opened 9:00
Entry to start area 10:35
Maps can be taken (route planning starts) 10:45
Start 11:00
Time limit end 15:00
Finish is closed 15:30
Prize giving ceremony 16:00

Nõmme Sport Centre, Tallinn.
Warm food and hot showers greet the teams after the finish.

There are 40 checkpoints (CP) on the course. The SPORTident electronic punching system will be for recording visits to the checkpoints.

NB! Teams, who plan to complete (almost) the entire course cannot use personal SI-5 (30+6 memory space, # 0-499999) or SI-8 (30 memory space, # 2000000-2999999) types of SI-cards, because these have only 30 memory slots. Please use newer and larger SI-cards, these have sufficient memory. The organiser rents only large SI-cards. The value of the checkpoints varies, depending on the difficulty-distance from the event centre, from 2 to 5, and is equal to the decimal place of the checkpoint number.

There is one refreshment point on the terrain.

There are two equipment areas on the course. One area is in the competition centre, it is part of the start area. A team should enter with their means of moving to the start area and can place their equipment to the equipment area then. The organiser guards the equipment areas, but bears no material responsibility for things left there. The second area is on the terrain.

The team has 4 hours to complete the course (11:00:00-15:00:00). Late returns are penalised by deducting points: up to 1 minute — 1 point, for exceeding each next full minute — 1 point more. After 15:30:01 the team is disqualified. The team that withdraws must pass through the finish.

It is allowed to progress on foot, on snowshoes, on skis, on skates, by bicycles, with sledge etc. The use of motor- or animal-powered means of moving is forbidden. In advance it is not known which means of moving will be the fastest, it will depend on the snow conditions. The team can freely choose which means of moving to use. Some examples:

• To complete the entire course on foot, on skis, on snowshoes, by bicycle, by kickbike, by kicksledge etc.
• To complete part of the course on foot, then visit the competition centre, take means of moving from the equipment area and continue the course.
• To complete part of the course with means of moving, then leave the means to one of the equipment areas and continue the course on foot.
• To leave means of moving “hidden in snow” for a while, take CP(s), return to the means and continue the course. Leaving the means “hidden in snow” takes place at the team’s own risk and the organisers cannot assure the security of the means in any way.
• To carry along running shoes, snowshoes, sledges or skates and use these at some parts of the course.

• To use means of moving that were not with the team at start!
• To leave means of moving behind on course (to collect it after the finish)! It is allowed to leave things only to equipment areas.

The competitors themselves attach the SI-cards firmly with the wristband to the wrists of each team member. It is advisable to cover wristbands with tape, since frost makes the wristbands weak.

At start area gates:
1. Each competitor clears the SI-card.
2. The organizer inspects that the SI-card is attached firmly.

All team members must punch all passed checkpoints with their SI-card. In case a checkpoint is not recorded to all SI-cards of the team, the checkpoint does not count towards the result. In order to successfully mark the checkpoint, the organisers recommend holding the SI-card in a SI-station long enough so that the checkpoint will beep at least twice. CP will not be counted for the team if one team member uses an SI-5 or SI-8 card and the memory of this SI-card is full before end of the race.

In case a wristband is broken, 5 points per broken wristband will be deducted from the team’s result.
It is forbidden to use outside help, which helps the team to move forward! Such teams will be disqualified.
It is forbidden to leave things and trash (bottles, wrappings, etc) on the terrain! Trash can be disposed of at the refreshment point.
Written protests can be submitted before 15:25.

The competitors must be aware that Nike Winter Xdream is a dangerous competition with high health risks! The team must assure that they are aware of the dangers and must sign the waiver before the start (the waiver is termless).
The organizer bears no liability for injuries, traumas or death that may occur during the race. A first aid person is available in the competition centre. There are referees at the refreshment point, who can assist in case of emergency. The organisers recommend choosing clothing and footwear carefully in order to be ready for harsh weather conditions.

Entry can be completed via Adventure Club Xdream homepage or by e-mail to

The entry form must contain the following information:
• Team name
• Category (men, mixed, women)
• Names, surnames, genders, birth years, e-mails and contact phones of the team members
• For each team member, whether the team member is going to use personal SI-card (submit SI-card number) or borrow it from organisers.

Entry fee can be paid to the ‘Seiklusklubi Xdream’ bank account in
‘Swedbank AS’ (SWIFT/BIC code HABAEE2X;
IBAN EE702200221026320226) or in the competition centre.
Entry fee per team member with (without) personal SI-card:
Until 11.02 19 EUR (21 EUR)
12.02-18.02 26 EUR (28 EUR)
After 19.02 only with permission 30 EUR (32 EUR)
The number of personal SI-cards must be announced with the entry form to receive the lower price.


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